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Jun 25 2012
Aug 11 2011
Georgia on my mind :)

Georgia on my mind :)

Aug 06 2011

Career Exploration

Aug 05 2011

Remember when we were these kids?

Well, then we became these kids…

And now we find ourselves looking for one of these…


Yes, it’s true. I’ve been out of college for over a year now, and while I am *luckily* employed by a great company, it cannot be argued that the current economic situation is making the job hunt a little less than wonderful.

My observation is that we Millennials all went to college and got good degrees, but the field we’re working in may not necessarily be what we had in mind from the start. Therefore, I see my friends making sacrifices to what they originally wanted to do so that they can at least be employed.

Specifically, I am referring to one friend who had his heart set on a particular field for his entire life. Unfortunately, the economy doesn’t seem to be dealing the cards in his favor, as the government is cutting back on his specific field of interest. Alas, my friend is seeing his dreams come to a crashing halt. It’s hard for him and hard for me to watch. Literally, he is picking up his entire thought process and reconfiguring.

He is not the only one I know who is doing this. Many Millennials are doing the same thing. They must rewire all of their hard work heretofore so that they can get their career rolling.

I am a firm believer that the biggest mistake a young person (or any person) can make is to sit around and “think” about what it is that they want to do. You are wasting time. It’s fine to do so in a few weeks or so, but you want to be cautious that your resume doesn’t show a gaping hole where you were “thinking.” Sure, it can be talked around in an interview, but why do this to yourself. Additionally, my friends who have taken this more lax route have lost a great deal of their confidence. With age and responsibility comes money…which is a great thing. And with money comes independence, an even better thing. 

It’s tough out there, my fellow Millennials, and we’ll get through it. Just know that you have a lot of company right there with you, but keep on searching for jobs!

And remember the power of networking!


Overcoming Challenges

Aug 05 2011

Throughout our lives, we will find ourselves at various times, well…lonely. It doesn’t matter how great of a day we’ve had; it just sometimes hits us. To paraphrase a popular quote:

"Loneliness is the condition of human life, an experience of being human…"

I believe this to be true. The problem, however, can come from when someone does not overcome their own loneliness. We’ve all been a victim to loneliness, though. We all succumb to our own sorrows every now and then and wail about in self pity. The important thing to remember, though, is that we must take a stand against loneliness.

Alternatively, learn to enjoy it. Loneliness is a part of being human. And while we feel so alone, we are simply experiencing being human.

It’s hard to be away from someone who you miss. It’s frustrating to not find anyone who wants to do something with you on a particular night. Sometimes we’re alone. And that’s ok.

Whenever I feel that angry little lonely monster chasing after me, I force myself to get up and do something about it. I don’t always succeed in this, but I make myself try. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Both. Do something to take your mind off of the situation at hand. Enjoy the comfort of yourself.

Aug 04 2011

Murder in the City, The Avett Brothers

Another song I’m in love with.

Ps- Mumford and Sons Pandora radio is rocking my world these days.

Aug 04 2011

Serpentine, Chris Bathgate

Loving this song right now… download it.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

Aug 02 2011

Finally I’m back home in the GA nest. It feels so amazing and r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g to be home. I loved my experience in New York, but I know that home is the right place for me to be right now.

I had a great day today. I went to Whole Foods with my mom and we bought tonight’s dinner as well as some other odds and ends (now that mom and dad are no longer “empty nesters!”) Tonight’s dinner was tuna, asparagus, and an amazing salad containing organic tomatoes, avocado, beets, light vinegrette dressing, and blue cheese. Since I’ve been eating like a nomad these past few weeks during the move, my body was craving veggies, and I ate literally 3 helpings of that salad. I could even eat more if it was put in front of me right now. Isn’t it funny how you just crave certain things some times? 

I also went for a great run around my neighborhood today. That is something I definitely missed in New York— my neighborhood runs. Ever since I was about 10 I’ve been an avid runner. I’m not the fastest, but for me it is a great mind-clearer, and I blast my ipod and run my little heart out. I feel great now!

Tomorrow I have some serious unpacking to do, but I’m looking forward to some gym time beforehand.

Ahhhh, feels great to be back in a “comfort zone” again. Always good to be out of your comfort zone, but an amazing feeling to return to it.


Aug 01 2011
I’m there <3
Jul 24 2011
"Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways."
Sigmund Freud (via blua)

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